Prime Time Clocks Inc
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Specializing in the manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical aircraft clocks, WACC is a new company with a long and distinguished heritage. It succeeds the Waltham Watch Company, the Waltham Clock Company, and later, Waltham Precision Instruments. For more than a century, all of these companies operated in the same historic building in Waltham, Massachusetts. In February of 1994, the last remaining product line, the mechanical aircraft clock, was purchased from Waltham Precision Instruments and moved to Ozark, Alabama. The purchasing company, Prime Time Clocks, incorporated in the state of Alabama under the name of WALTHAM Aircraft Clock Corporation. The marriage of these two companies was a natural combination considering Prime Time Clocks had been the depot level repair facility for all mechanical aircraft clocks for the U.S. Department of Defense since 1982.

Retail clock business.

(334) 774-3678
2364 S. US Hwy 231,Ozark,AL,USA
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