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Apr-17-2012 by SuperUser Account
Cable; Phone; Internet; Security Business Services
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1298 Andrews Ave,Ozark,AL,USA
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Subscribed to Troy Cable in January. They removed my perfectly good wifi router and replaced it with one of their "rental" units at an additional cost of 5.00 each month added to the bill. I looked over the contract and they filed it under "wireless" charge instead of "rental modem". I only found out today. (7 months later) I disconnected their unit and returned it today. I told them that it is dishonest and unethical to do this and they should refund the 35.00 (7 months) that they stole from me thru deceptive business practices. I talked to Yolanda and her supervisor Janice and they both got all uppity and acted like they had done nothing wrong, telling me that they will not refund the money or credit it to my account and that it's "In the contract". Troy Cable, your contract is dishonest and deceptive and you need to stop deceiving customers. If any of you consider yourself Christian, I would remind you that stealing is against God's commandments and by upholding your companies thefts thru deception, you are implicitly guilty of it as well. I hope God curses you with every plague and that your children will be born with tails. I will be cancelling my service when my "contract" expires this January.

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By Anonymous on 7/7/2016 2:51:51 PM